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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Much will be reported on Her Majesty the Queen’s life and accomplishments: her devotion to duty and service; Prince Philip, her family and all of their various exploits; the places she has visited around the world and her commitment to the Commonwealth; her love of horses (and corgis!); her interest and support of so many charities and all who participate in their work; the countless world leaders she has met – and perhaps has influenced in an invisible way; the events she has witnessed (some amazing like the Moon landing and some appalling like 9/11), and so many more in an extraordinary era of history in the making.

But…in the final analysis, it is perhaps enough simply to picture her - our Queen – who in her own self is so instantly recognisable and admired around the world and whose stability has been our stability in our lifetime, even as part of this fast-changing world.

Unique might be the word that springs to mind – but unequalled seems to suit her better.

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