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Agricultural Law

​You may be a landlord or a tenant. If so, how does agricultural law affect and protect you? We can liaise with your Solicitor or other advisers to raise the questions and get you the answers you seek.

  • Do you have or do you want security of tenure?

  • What are your obligations regarding repair and maintenance?

  • What action can you take if the other party neglects their responsibilities?

  • How do you get a review of the rent that is acceptable to both sides?

  • What are the legal notice periods needed to ensure any proposal or action can be enforced?

  • How might your decisions be affected by statute (governmental legislation) or case law (legal precedent)

  • How does the law help in the settlement of property disputes?

  • And, if you are simply a landowner:

  • What are your rights? How may they be enforced/upheld?

  • How does agricultural law affect an owner’s access rights or boundaries?

  • What is the law concerning planning matters, health and safety, insurance of property?

  • What influence does European law have on the UK and its own agricultural law?

If you have any questions and seek answers, please email or call us, details on the contact page​.

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