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The Lost Year

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Where has it gone? Time has passed as quickly, if not more quickly, than usual. Spring came; summer went; harvest has happened; autumn colours hover...Christmas looms. Yet it all just seems to be happening without any semblance of the normal dynamics. Relationships are on hold; grandchildren are a year older; students move from one academic year to another, yet without the appearance of observable progress or training. Time has stood still, yet already seems to have passed out of 2019 and on into 2021.

Work for me has been busy: jobs have been requested, clients seen, talked to and matters settled; things have moved on. People have died and are suddenly here no longer; old people watch and wait on their own or in their care homes, as one day heads into the next. Time passes but stands still. Like the repeating patterns of weather: a shower of rain….the sun rises and sets….the moon appears, waxes and wanes and then is momentarily gone. All this is happening around us as usual, yet there is no real sense of momentum or direction. What happened to 2020? Where did it go?

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