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Harvest heat and cool water

This week brought the first heatwave of this summer and 30 degree temperatures. Harvest started with the winter barley. Oil seed rape will follow in two weeks, when the plant has died off after its spray. In the south of England that is the custom whereas in the north and the midlands they cut and lay the crop in ‘windrows’ before gathering it up and transferring it to the store.

Another Inheritance Tax valuation followed but with a potential liability for tax. It is for a most genuine and humble family, all in their 80s – originally there were nine siblings. Proudly they have kept the property amongst them all, yet one day they will have to see it pass to their own younger generation. But not yet!

A different assignment concerned a private water company. How rare is that? Conscientiously managed by the private landowners, a whole village now enjoys its own supply and a quality of water considered to be far superior to that on the nearby mains.  What enterprise to keep it going! A service to the community but a valuable asset too. How long before a big company (which will probably be French or Chinese-owned) knock on their door with a takeover bid?

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