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Chalke Valley History Festival

I was lucky enough this year to be invited by a regional firm of solicitors to this widely respected annual event. It is a great credit to the local professionals of Salisbury that we mix cheerfully and easily with each other whether we are on or off duty. Not only is this good for our own professional knowledge and experience but it helps our mutual clients respect and trust that our work on their behalf has their interests at heart.

There are many events and displays at the Festival and numerous attractions to see. All are based on elements of history - a subject not widely pursued to the full on schools' curricula these days. Yet this is a mighty popular destination for school  groups; Salisbury and the surrounding district are famous for providing quality education.

My evening was focussed on Earl Spencer eloquently and entertainingly telling us about the escape of Charles II in the 1640s - a period of history I admit I knew little about until I heard Earl Spencer's speech. It was an easy hour, laced with interesting facts and humour, and impressively delivered without notes or script. The marquee-full of 500 people were duly impressed.

We then enjoyed a late and light supper in the ebbing light of a perfect English summer's day, with a full moon rising at the same time in the east. A fine evening for a fine event with much to commend it and offering something to all age groups and to people from all walks of life. Maybe you will arrange to go to the Festival yourselves one day  ....  this year it lasts until Sunday 1st July.

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