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A man in action

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

As soon as John mentioned he had been invited to commence the auction at the recent Ovington Down Farm Machinery & Implements Sale I decided I needed to see him in action! The farm itself has been sold 4 months previously, but the new owners had kindly given their permission that the items could be in sold in situ.

Packing a warm coat and wellies I headed off to Arlesford where I was greeted by a chilly wind but a warm and animated atmosphere. John introduced me to several of the attendees and it soon became apparent that many were local farmers, there to offer support. A farm sale is as much about remembering the families achievements as an opportunity to buy a piece of kit or memorabilia. Hot & cold refreshments were supplied by Holdens Caterers and I was soon sipping hot coffee and eyeing up the delicious home made cakes.

Before long a bell was heard ringing and everyone trooped into the barn to begin bidding. John started the day by selling off the smallest lots. These included everything from a tin pedal car to a ride on mower. 

When all these items were sold we moved to the grain store and then out to the field. Simon Whaley of Southern Counties Auctioneers took over the selling of the heavy machinery.

Activity increased as those attending the sale also bid against faceless buyers at the end of a telephone. After four exciting hours the hammer finally fell on the last lot bringing an end of a farming era to the Poulton Family.

It is never easy to sell the family home, but when that home is also a working farm, and future generations are not continuing with the business, all the assets have to be sold. Our job is to help make this as smooth and painless as possible. The Woolley family have acted as valuers and confidential advisers to the Poulton Family for over 50 years and it was a privilege for John to be invited to be part of the finale at Ovington Down Farm.

We wish the family and the new owners every success with their future plans, whatever they may be.

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