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A family focal point

Valuations featured this week. This time for Inheritance Tax purposes as a much-loved grandfather had died. The property was a special New Forest holding that used to be a working farm supporting a large family. Now it simply provides a home and sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the busy world only a few miles away. Hopefully the family can keep hold of it and it will continue to be a focal point where they can all gather.

Then to Dorset, investigating some development potential for a client, to take advantage of the pro-consent policy being canvassed by the Government whether for economic reason or because of genuine housing needs. Still, it is an opportunity to raise capital that the wise farmer will reinvest into more property, or savings for his old age, or for his grandchildren’s welfare.

After that, back into Hampshire to help a lady buy some land and protect the boundaries of her property as well as enhancing it, giving scope and space to redesign its access, its frontage and overall market appeal. These opportunities rarely repeat themselves, so despite the higher price to reflect the special circumstances, in the long term such an investment may be justified.

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