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A bigger picture

It is perhaps the variety of work we undertake which I find to be as unexpected as it is often fulfilling. This was the national news was all about Brexit and the resultant change-around of Government ministers, and of Wales being successful in the soccer ‘Euros’ in which the England team had so demonstrably failed. So what was on my agenda for that week?

One project was a property valuation for parents helping their adult children on the property ladder and, in the process, easing their own potential Inheritance Tax concerns. But, in this type of work, there is more than just a valuation to be done: there are the tax implications, identification of new boundaries and property improvements to discuss and many more ways to help a family see the bigger picture as they make their plans for the future.

Another job was the assessment of a company’s assets to allow elderly owners to retire from their business with financial support and enable a young enterprising partner to take over and build on the legacy given to him.

The next assignment involved bringing a degree of rationale to a potential boundary dispute. A residential neighbour can sometimes only see the situation through spectacles that focus on a manicured garden. They may fail to understand the working conditions in a farmer’s field, just over the fence – while the farmer’s stance is that he has a living to make. Each party is right in their own view but seeing and then understanding the perspective of the other side eventually can result in a settlement that they both support.

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